Oman Labour Ministry Inks Agreement To Train 300 IT, Communication Engineering Graduates

Oman Labour Ministry Inks Agreement To Train 300 IT, Communication Engineering Graduates
The internship MOU signing ceremony

The Ministry of Labour in Oman has signed an agreement for training 300 graduates of Information Technology and Communications Engineering for a period of three years with Huawei. The move seeks to enable the graduates to join the labour market and earn them expertise.

Sheikh Nasr bin Amer al Hosni, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labour, who signed the agreement, stressed the significance of upgrading the skills of graduates en par with labour market needs.

The selection of trainees will be made in partnership between the company and the ministry, depending on the capabilities of the graduates, their majoring grades. The skills gained from training will constitute a good basis for contesting new jobs in the informatics sector.

Mutual cooperation

Meanwhile, Li Linbing, Chinese ambassador to the sultanate, valued the mutual economic relations between the two countries. Huawei’s undertaking of such programmes in cooperation with the labour ministry reflects the company’s conviction in the importance of investing on youth and their role in developing economy.

Yi Xiang, Huawei president for Middle East and North Africa region, pointed out that technological and technical advancement in 2020 deserves recognition amid the prevalence of the COVID-19 pandemic which, he said, helped many countries to achieve electronic maturity worth the effort of five years in just eight weeks, according to a report issued by Mckenzie institute.

This, he added, provides sound grounds for training graduates of Information Technology and Communications Engineering to prepare them for the vital role they are set to play in future in a manner that fits with Oman’s Vision 2040. 


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