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Cars, property, jobs, education and expert advice on many topics…

Automobiles showrooms, retailers, auto parts and services, pre-owned cars sales, offers and scheme

Building/construction companies and consortiums, real estate services – sale and leasing, new project developments

Firms dealing with catering services, procurement and distribution of fresh food, dry fruit, processed/canned food

Universities/colleges/training institutes, new educational products and courses, higher education consultancy services

Recruitment, hiring and placement services, skilled/semi-skilled and unskilled labour procurement firms

Social welfare outfits and non-governmental organisations, social clubs, cultural organisations and clubs

Financial management and consultancy services, life/automobile and property insurance, planning-budgeting aides

Public sector establishments and departments in ministries providing services, from foreign affairs to health

Establishments providing utilities like telecom services, water/electricity supply, bill payment facilities, etc

Life News

go green

Go green within your home

People in Oman grow vegetables at home using hydroponics. From herbs to palm trees, they all need just nutrient rich water. Have you tried it?

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omani shuwa

Have you really experienced Oman?

Have you been in Oman for many years and not yet experienced Oman? They say, your experience is never complete without savouring Shuwa. Either get treated or treat yourself to it.

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